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Clinical Services

Genetic Counseling

We offer Genetic Counseling as a service to our patients who are referred to us by clinicians for genetic counseling across specialties and super specialties. The counseling services are thus divided into two different categories viz, Medical Genetics and Cancer Genetics. Genetic Counseling in both areas is fundamentally different from each other and thus requires different understanding. So while contacting the clinic please mention the type of counseling you want to opt for. 

Medical Consultation 

With the advancement of research and studies in the field of medical genetics, the horizon is consistently growing. Medical education in any specialties and super specialties are now embedded and "Medical Molecular Biology and Genetics" is a part of the curriculum. We offer consultation in such scenarios where clinical management requires support from advanced Medical Molecular Biology and Genetics. 

Ayurveda Consultation and Panchakarma Services

Recent studies have proven now principles of Ayurveda Prakriti are deeply embedded and even genetics follows the principles of the constitutional make-up of a person. Therefore we offer pure Ayurveda Medicine Management to the followers of Ayurveda who believe, have fate, and experienced the joy of getting treated with elements near to nature. We also provide Panchakarma Services.

Integrated Medicine


We provide Integrated medical management by the involvement of single or multiple medical practitioners.​ Where patients wish to get treated with a single, dual or through multiple disciplines of medicine.  

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
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